University Clearing Process – a guide

What exactly is the Clearing Process

A practical guide to assist you with the University Clearing Process.

It’s a way for you to find a place at university if you haven’t made your grades. Technically Clearing begins in July and continues on until September, but in reality the main action takes place on A-level Results Day.

Universities and Courses

Ideally you’ll have researched some back-up Uni’s and courses in the build-up to Results Day, but don’t worry if you haven’t – you can still do a concentrated hour or two of research in the morning, then draw up a shortlist of Uni’s to contact by midday.

You can use a combination of resources for your research. Whatuni, UCAS and University websites are particularly useful. It is also worth reading student reviews to get an accurate review of exactly what to expect from each Uni.

Contacting Universities

Before contacting any Universities, you will need the following information:

Qualification grades

UCAS Number

A list of questions and a contact number/email in case the University need to call you back.

Securing a place

Okay so you managed to secure some verbal offers. Now you need to make your final choice and contact UCAS to make it official! You won’t be able to add a course until the afternoon of results day. When you settled on a course all you need to do is visit the UCAS website and add a clearing course. You will then need to wait until the University has accepted you onto the course. You should receive confirmation by email.

Finally, all that’s left after that is to prepare yourself for Freshers Week!

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